Le groupe de nu-metal grand-guignolesque suédois originaire de Göteborg, se lance dans une deuxième tournée française et européenne ; deuxième tournée promotionnelle du dernier album en date du groupe, Avatar Country, qui est sorti voici un an déjà (depuis le 12 janvier 2018). Ainsi, Avatar se produit aujourd’hui même, le vendredi 25 janvier 2019 au Stereolux à Nantes. La date nantaise est affichée SOLD OUT depuis plusieurs semaines déjà, comme d’ailleurs plusieurs autres dates de la tournée européenne du groupe. Or, Culture METAL (votre webzine préféré) a l’honneur d’être accrédité en mode photo sur le concert nantais d’Avatar ! Je remercie d’ailleurs au passage O Spectacles pour l’accréditation. En attendant ma galerie photo qui ne saurait tarder (promis), je vous relaye la note royale que voici.


En cette année du Roi, Citoyens !

C’est encore une belle journée pour le pays d’Avatar mais aussi pour le monde entier. Comme le Roi Harvest devient de plus en plus riche, l’année qui arrive promet de pulvériser tous les records !

Le Département d’Information des Citoyens du Royaume est ravi et excité de partager la bonne nouvelle : AVATAR DEBARQUE EN EUROPE POUR UNE TOURNEE EN 2019 !
AVATAR revient en Europe et continue de promouvoir son dernier album Avatar Country. Ce sera la deuxième tournée avec cet album, qui a déjà mené le groupe en Amérique du Nord au Royaume-Uni et en Europe.

avatar (banndeau)

1. Glory To Our King
2. Legend of The King
3. The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country
4. King’s Harvest
5. The King Wants You
6. The King Speaks
7. A Statue of The King
8. King After King
9. Silent Songs of the King Pt 1 Winter Comes When The King Dreams of Snow
10. Silent Songs of the King Pt 2 The King’s Palace


October 24, 2017 — People of Earth! Avatar Country is blessing you by opening its borders to the world! Glory to our King!

It is with great pride and joy that we here at Avatar Country’s Department of Good News, in coalition with Entertainment One and Century Media, get to announce the immediate release of the newest, greatest single by Avatar, “A Statue Of The King.” The single is being released alongside footage from the celebration of the unveiling of said statue on Avatar Country’s capital square. The so called ”music video” is directed by Johan Carlén, overseen by the Department of Accurate Depiction of the King.

The aforementioned department has given the following statement:

As art is eternal, so is Avatar Country, and so is our King. These laws of the universe results in an audiovisual masterpiece which is eternal squared. In agreement with the Royal Television (Kungliga Televisionen, KTV), we have chosen to let this be accessible to non citizens through the ”Youtube.” Glory to our King!

The Chamber of Digital Delights and Downloadable Data Dedicated to Decidedly Done Depictions of the King has agreed with the Royal Court to release “A Statue Of The King” as an iTunes instant gratification track. Potential Citizens who pre order Avatar Country on iTunes will receive the song as an immediate download. A Statue Of The King is available on all streaming services now.

Avatar the band, featuring His Royal Highness The King and his elite backing orchestra will release their seventh full length, Avatar Country on January 12, 2018 via Entertainment One in North America and Century Media rest of world. A staff member of the Court comments:

We see this as our opportunity to finally show the world the glory of ‘Avatar Country’ and our King. The album contains the expected superior examples of how metal should and must sound today and for all eternity. Plus, also included is a new rendition of our national anthem and audio recordings from some of the finest moments of the King’s history of public speaking.

Avatar Country’ will also serve as the highly anticipated followup to ‘Feathers and Flesh,’ which debuted at #5 Hard Music, #7 Indie, #12 Rock, #31 Current, #9 Overall and #88 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. It was produced by Jay Ruston at Spinroad Recording Studios in Gothenburg Sweden.

The King and His Band will go on a series of state visits all over the world this winter and spring with honorary Citizens THE BRAINS and sideshow extraordinaire HELLZAPOPPIN. Patriots may remember Hellzapoppin from the King’s 2012 music video for their single “Black Waltz.” North American dates will kick off in Columbus, OH on January 6th at the Newport Music Hall and stretch coast to coast before coming to a theatrical close at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. European dates starts in Utrecht March 13 and will be concluded in Avatar Country twin city Gothenburg on April 7.