Fleshgod Apocalyspe, le groupe italien de death metal technique et syphonique, aux influences classiques et aux accents lyriques, se produisait au Motocultor pour la première fois sur la Dave Mustage le vendredi soir. Culture METAL présente ici une galerie de mes photos du concert de Fleshgod Apocalypse au Motocultor et un compte-rendu de mon interview avec Tommaso Riccardi, frontman du groupe.

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Nuclear Blast m’a accordée une interview avec Fleshgod Apocalypse le vendredi après-midi sur le Motocultor. J’ai donc posé trois questions à Tommaso Riccardi, guitariste et chanteur du groupe, qui m’a alors répondu :

A : ‘I am listenning to Fleshgod Apocalypse for several years. I saw you on live the very first time, in 2013 in Rennes, the city I live, on a tour with SepticFlesh.’ [T : ‘Yes, I remember it… a very good tour.’] ‘I listened to your last and fourth album King many times.’ [Tommaso asked me if I like it. I answered yes, of course !] ‘ I read you each of your album is a concept. Can you tell me more about the concept of King ?’

T : ‘The story of King takes place at the Romantic period and deals with the relationships in a society very greedy. The king want to be fair, he is trying to do what is right but he is almost depressed because everybody in the Court is poisonning his mind. Human beings grows addicts to things they don’t need to, and almost forget the most important things in life wich is love, and fear. But, it’s useless to be afraid. In the song Cold As Perfection, the Queen is afraid of ageing. [We can see her story in the videoclip] History is cyclic : there are dark periods but also periods of light.

A : ‘On the cover, we can see the king like a puppet.’

T : ‘And we can see also a snake. It’s very diffucult to see it. [A : Ok. I will try to see it.] Here is the difference between an artist and someone who is just drawing like that : an artist’s drawing is full of symbols.’

A : ‘I saw all your videoclips and the very first time I saw The Forsaking, it was amazing. I was flabbergasted. Could you tell me more about the making of your videoclips ?”

T : ‘Shooting days are very long : nine to twelve hours a day. You have to wait, also when you are shooting with children, because sometimes they don’t want to do what they have to do anymore…’ Tommaso tells me about his first experience in front of a camera for the videoclip The Violation (from the album Agony, 2011), he was impressed and realised what it means to be an actor and a very important thing Tommaso tells me : ‘When you watch our videoclips, all is based on the drums.’ [Think about it, when you watch FA’s videoclips !]

A : ‘You draw your inspiration from italian classical culture for your music and for your videoclips, italian classical music, italian classical litterature… [Tommaso tells me about Dante and Petrarca…] However, your songs are not written in Italian, why ?

T : The first reason, because English is a very musical language and the second reason, because English is the international language and we want to share the classical italian culture with anybody.

A : You seem to be very found to food, italian food and wine !

L’interview s’est ainsi terminée sur une note frugale.