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14 septembre 2016

Motocultor 2016 – Entombed AD

Entombed AD, the Swedish death metal band was formed in 2014 by former members of Entombed and was for the second time at Motocultor since 2014, on the Supositor Stage, Friday evening, August, the 19th. Since 2014, Entombed AD released two full-lenght albums Back To The Front in 2014 and Dead Dawn in 2016. Entombed AD wasn’t my favourite band, but it wasn’t diffuclt for me to make a choice between Entombed AD to Naheulband on the Massey Ferguscène, at the same time. Lire la suite

Fall Of Summer 2016 – Nifelheim

NIFELHEIM, the Swedish black metal band was on the Blackwaters Stage at Fall Of Summer on Saturday afternoon, September, the 3rd. The Blackwaters Stage was on the Torcy’s beach and many people on the beach who might have ever seen a black metal band on stage before with so many spikes and leather, went and saw Nifelheim on the Blackwaters Stage through the fences. Nifelheim on stage was such a show, indeed ! Lire la suite

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