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13 septembre 2016

Motocultor 2016 – Soufly

Soufly, the Brazilian groove/thrash metal band was on the Dave Mustage at Motocultor for the first time, on the Sunday evening, August, the 21th. Soufly wasn’t my favourite band in live (I always prefer Sepultura in live), but it is always a pleasure to see Max Cavalera on stage and this night, see his son at the drums and hear Blood Bloody Roots at the very end of the show ! Lire la suite

Fall Of Summer 2016 – Riot V

Riot V, the American heavy/speed metal band was for the first time in France at Fall Of Summer on the Sanctuary Stage on Friday evening, September, the 2nd. This was just the one concert I dislike at Fall Of Summer. Lire la suite

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